Intimate Elopement in Cascade, Idaho

I was so excited when Brianna reached out to me about her intimate elopement. Her wedding day - mountains, forest, snow, cabin, and pizza. I was immediately sold. I made the drive to Cascade, Idaho in the early morning and the drive itself was a sight to behold. I pulled off to the side of the road near the cabin to make sure I was at the correct address, look over the timeline again, and when I attempted to pull out…. my little Fiat was stuck in the snow. I called Brianna and she sent her gracious father-in-law who helped rock my car out of snow and then drove me up to the cabin. This is why I always leave for weddings at least an hour early, you never know what will happen! Brianna and Justin’s wedding was perfect. They had a simple ceremony on the deck of their family’s cabin with a beautiful snow-covered forest as a backdrop.