Leah Flores

Editing Services

Honestly, I am undecided on what I enjoy more - taking photos or editing them! I match your editing style to deliver images that seamlessly fit into your portfolio.

Preset Application, White Balance Correction, straightening/cropping, and Exposure Correction

  • 60¢ an image for 1-99 photos

  • 50¢ an image for 100-499 photos

  • 40¢ an image for 500-800 photos

  • 35¢ an image for over 800+ photos

Culling (image curation)

  • 5¢ an image for culling


  • $2.50 an image for light retouching (teeth whitening, light blemish reduction, and light skin smoothing)

  • $5.00 an image for medium retouching (all of the above + headswap, simple object removal, etc)

  • $10.00 an image for extensive retouching (all of the above + add/remove people, large object removal, etc)

*Minimum order of $30 total


Presets & Mentoring

Coming Soon!