Burrow - The Luxury Couch for Real Life

We were in dire need of a new couch for our living room. If you know us, we have a whole smattering of pets, and they have thrashed our furniture over the years! As we were on the couch hunt we came across Burrow - a couch company that offers a modular, ship-to-your-door, aesthetically-pleasing, pet stain & scratch resistant couch. The couches arrived to our door and were a breeze to put together! My friend Kenneth and I spent just a few minutes looking through the instructions and we were able to put both couches together in close to 15 minutes. One concern that I had with the couches is how comfortable they would be. This was my first time buying a couch without sitting on it first, but we were all pleasantly surprised! The couches have a nice balance of being comfortable, but still firm.