Naia Resort and Spa | Belize

My friends and I, after a long adventure in Belize, were so excited to stop at Naia Resort and Spa for some pampering! The property is absolutely beautiful and our house led right out to the beach. We also enjoyed some amazing spa treatments! 

Thoughts from my travel companion, Lily!

Wow! If you love spas, this is the place for you. The whole place is turquoise and white, mimicking the perfect beaches the resort sits on. There are pools everywhere - private villa pools (depending on where you stay), the main resort pool, and of course, the endless ocean you see from your room! The spa treatments are top notch, using Eminence organic facial products and locally made oil blends. Each of the treatment rooms is like a huge hotel room in itself, surrounded by magical ponds and tropical views. The food felt really pure and healthy, and the cocktails creative with locally sourced fruits. I was in awe the entire stay, and wish I could have stayed longer!
— Lily