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Please email us a complete wedding timeline to We want to make sure that we are where the action is! Please make special note if there are any special, surprise moments happening during the wedding that we need to be aware of!

+ magic Hour

One of our favorite things to do is to sneak the couple away from their reception during the sunset for about 10 minutes. We've had couples tell us it's one of their favorite parts of their wedding! It's a time to slow down, reconnect, and take a pause before you jump back into your party. Also --- you get some pretty magical photos with incredible light!

formal shot list

Please send us a list of every grouping of family/friend photos that you would like! How many or few groupings you want is completely up to you. Some couples choose to do one large group photo and others choose to do upwards of 50 separate poses. Roughly plan on 2 minutes per a group. You do not need to include bridal party photos in your list - we have that covered! You can view a sample formal shot list here:


First Look or Traditional?  

Many couples now choose to do a first look before the ceremony. One of the biggest advantages is that you can start your formal photos before the ceremony so you don't feel rushed getting them done. One of the biggest hesitations I hear from couples is that they are worried their ceremony won't be as magical - trust me... I've had weddings where even though the couple spent all day together... the waterworks start as soon as they start walking down the aisle.

This choice however is so personal and completely up to you! However you decide to celebrate on your big day - we are there with you!

Any additional questions? 

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*Please consider that we are located in Mountain Time! 

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